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large Vav on a small mezuzah

In the word Uvichal, the ו is long. It also starts a little lower than it should be which makes it trickier. Is the ו around 4 kolmosim long? The mezuza is only 7 centimeters long.

A problematic Lamed

In the ל of Leahava, it has seemingly a double problem. 1) the head is short like a yud 2) the rosh of the lamed is like it is not existent, being that beneath it, there was dio added to it. The Lishkat Hasofer 5:17 is machshir bidieved (vitzorech Litaken) on each individual case (however when it is missing a rosh it is only fixable beshas hadchak , without making a bracha on it). My question is, when both of these problems arise on the same Lamed can and should we machshir it? I will note that this is for a Sefardi.