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More vuvs in small mezzuzahs

This is another picture of the same Mezuzuza that I posted (Sunday) the second ו in the word uvichol looks even a little bigger than the first one . I would assume that a tinuk would machshir all of these vuvs (possibly even the second vuv of uvichol) but they all seem to have a length of around 4 kolmosim. What is your thoughts?

Tavim - left foot is almost kav mashuch b'shave

Notice the tavim (ודבר ת at the begining of the picture, לאו ת ) in Dovids post [a problematic lamed, Saturday]. The tavim have a big problem, the left foot seems to be bent [to the left] outward, because of the way the sofer pulls the kulmus - but in truth are almost a stright line down = kav mashuch. Although it is recognizable as a tav (because the way the foot is presented) still it is more a ches than a tav, and a kav mashuch instead of the left foot. The left foot of a tav has to be bent so there is a opposite head of vav/dalet or as a moshav of a nun, but here the foot is lacking this part of the letter. This is a common problem I have noticed in many ksavim (also ashkenazim!). Note also the vav in לאות - the top of the head is thinner than the guf/regel of the vav, but is clearly seen as a head of the vav, because of the opening slanted line that outlines the panim/face of the letter (as I wrote in a comment on the vavim).