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A problematic Yud

The י of the word biveisecha, looks like it is a triangle touching a drum stick (excuse me for lack of a better word). The Mishnas Sofrim expains that a י needs to have shiur gufa milo kolmos. Certainly this does not have it before it breaks down. On the other hand the klal, Ain Shiur LOivi osios, perhaps could apply over here. What is the rule in this case?
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Tav with a right foot bent

Tav that its right foot is bent inward as the left foot, or outward as picture given, is accepted as pasul because of shinui tzura. The question; is it so pasul that it can't be fixed in Tefilin and mezuzos, or at least since a tinok would recognize it as a tav it can be fixed by adding ink to widen the foot (so that there isn't a bend, just a slant)? Minhas Yitzchok vol 6:4 (section 6) in regard to right foot bent outward [as the picture inclosed] that this isn't so much of a shinui, and at least after a shaylas tinok may be corrected in Tfilin and Mezuzos shlo csidran. But Sheivet Halevi vol. 5:8  is more machmir, doubts the opinion above, and is choishesh it can't be fixed because shlo csidran. From the argument itself I would conclude that this pasul isn't so clear, IE it isn't obvious a shinui tzura otherwise there wouldn’t be an argument; so there is place to be meikal and fix it. I may add to this that the Mishnat Hasofer p. 91 in Yalkut Hasofer is meik…

Question for R' Moshe

This is one of those things that drive any magiha crazy: I had a lamed, I was fixing to make the tzavar a little thicker. I fixed it in a few movements very quickly. I also quickly added ink to the rosh to make it protrude more. All this was done very quickly with a few brisk strokes. I have a chshash that before I made the rosh thicker ( but after I made the tzavar thicker), I may have had a potential kav moshuch but I was doing it so quickly I never had a moment to stop and think if it was or wasn't. I still don't know for sure, there could have been a bit of the rosh sticking out even before I thickened the rosh but I don't know for sure.

Rav YM Stern in his sefer says that if a sofer makes a tikun and has a bad feeling afterwards that he may have passeled the os momentarily during the tikkun but its only a safek - ie he never really saw it and it's just a worry, we can make a sfek sfaika and say that its ok. The second safek is based on the Smaq who says that if th…
In The second picture the ע does not have a clearly identifiable regel coming from the right side, it seems partially that the regel is going from the left side. It almost looks like a deformed ט. Is this a Shalos Tinok question?
In the first picture (a low quality Ksav Chabad) the ת has an inward right regel. Which is almost like a Tav with 2 feet. What do you say R' Moshe?