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shiur parsha

sofer wrote word twice and made holes-I made a copy of the parsha and cut out yuds and vovs ,trying to see if nine small letters fit ,i was wondering if anybody agrees with me that 9 yuds do not fit in or am i kidding myself since there is to much space between the letters i pasted. I also had a thought that since these are chabad parshios can we be machshir on the basis that the minhag chabad is osios gedolos?

ink for rapidograph

I would like to inform all who use Rapidograhs that there is ink with hechsher available that works great. It is very black, rarely spreads on the klaf, flows well, and does not clog the pen. See . It is made by Zvi Shkedi (the inventor of Dio Lanetzach) and is endorsed by Vaad Mishmereth STa"M. You may email him to find out where you can get it.
These are 2 pictures of the same Mezuza, the י in the second one and the ו in the first picture. R' Moshe what do you say? I added another picture of the vuv of uvishachbicha. This vuv although very similar to the previous one that I posted, it only has the bottom blitta .

late night shailos for reb moshe

1. daled from yodcho. I'm reasonably confident its possul even before shailos tinok. UPDATE :  MUCH TO MY AMAZEMENT, TINUK READ IT CORRECTLY, AS DALED! (Could the fact that the other zayins I showed him had tagin influenced his decision? should I have covered the tagin?)    Ayin from tishmeu and  mem stuma from nafshechem

long vavim, very long vavim

In a comment to Dovids " large Vav on a small mezuzah ", Beis hastam wrote: "it is important to note the difference between vov and zein. mishna brura in letter zein writes not to make regel longer than 2 kulmusim, however in letter vov he writes not to make it "aruch miday". when viewing old ktavim i always found "very" long vavs, i met with rav samson from london who pointed out the alpha baisa who explains why vavin should be written long. see page 264 in the new print." I would like to comment on this issue, although I already wrote the basic point in " common problems in yudim " (especialy #3) above, and perhaps add a bit here, bezras hashem. A. As explained in "common problems in yudim" there is a machalokes between the poskim, how to define the difference between yudin-vavin, zayinin nunin [and also yudin-zayinin, vavin nunin]. According to the Shulhan Aruch's  [ 32:16] shita   explai