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Definition of ches - Rabenu Tam

It is accepted to write a ches 2 zayinin in csav BY, or vav zayin in Arizal, this form is called ches d'rabenu tam. Although a simple ches of Rashi is kosher bdieved. The Poskim argue in regard to ches of RT, if a person lengthened the gag, what is the halacha? In Alfa Beisa (tinyana [2nd alef-bais], ois caf pshuta, p. 229) and Tikun Tefilin (p. 101, 105 "poslim mlachtam sh'maarichim ha'ches") its clear that if one was moishech the ches its pasul. This psak is quoted by Magen Avraham 36:3, and SA Harav, that a very wide ches of RT, or a combination of dalet&zayin are not a kosher ches d'Rabenu tam "ci nishtanu tzuras hazayinin" [the specific feature of ches being 2 zayinin standing next to each other, has been distorted]. But the Noda B'yehuda and many other acharonim, pasken that a wide ches of RT, or a combination of dalet&zayin, is kosher bdieved. See Mishnat Sofrim ois ches, Mishnat Hasofer 5:74,77.
A. The explanation behind the argument…