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widened Drill hole of the Titora

In the picture here, you see the top side of the titora (shel yad) what happened was the first drill was not exactly in the corner so a second more accurate drill hole was made. The gid is going in the hole (the second correct one) however it is being pulled a little on a slope into the first hole and immediately passing into the proper hole. According to the halacha that tifran needs to be straight (it seems that it is also pulling a tad to the right , until it later straightens up), is it kosher or needs to be fixed? Thank you

treating klaf

Boker tov chevre! I have a question. recently I was checking a mezuzah and the klaf was real shiny. It was not shiny like klaf temani but the sofer had definitely put something on the klaf to make it more chalak and easier to write on. The ink was very raised and as a result of the coating, and had not absorbed nicely into the klaf. The mezuzah is only two years old and there is bruising and slight cracking visible on some of the otiyot. My question is....klaf mashuch and klaf temani are big no no 's because they cause cracking. But what about some of these other "treatments" of klaf that seem to be becoming standard for sofrim to do? Where do we drak the line and at what stage can a magiha say to the buyer that the sofer did something unethical so he could write faster which as a result lead to the early cracking???