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Yud - proper division, between rosh and regel

The first 2 pictures are a very fine csav - one can see clearly in each, the different parts of the yud. 1) kotz RT, 2) guf-body of the yud, 3) the regel-foot.
1.  In והיו the guf of the yud is one circular slant into its regel, there doesn't seem to be any break in the letter - still it is clear to the vision the different parts of the yud, each one is very distinct.
2.  In ידך the guf curves till a point on right [A] equal to the finish of kotz RT on the left, then the regel protrudes on a further slant inward [B]. Please notice this point, it will help in the continuation - we might imagine that the begining of the regel is starting descending from the guf finishing at A as a triangle, but in truth the regel is the extra piece B turning back inward.
  Try to imagine this yud finishing at A [without B], it would have a strong kotz pointing downward to resemble the regel - but would it be the regel? No! It would be the guf only, in a perfect one-piece moonshape.

The additional pi…