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Measuring the length of Zadi Pshuta/Pai Pshuta bdieved #2

In this post I will explain more about the length of the pai/zadi pshutim, but I will first clarify: These are my thoughts, I don’t have enough hallachic basis for my opinion, and I don’t dare hold a machalokes halacha l'maase against the opinion of Pri megadim or Misna brura.

A.  A possible solution could be, that the long letters - the pshutos (of the pairs kfufos-pshutos: caf, nun, pai, zadi)  {please don’t mix with the 'ois pshuta' mentioned in one of my posts above, that meant a simple letter that only has a foot, like a vav. Here the word 'pshuta' means extended straight in defference to the bent 'kfufa'} must be unique in their tzura that they extend under the line, this being part of their tzuras ois, the kfufa is bent and in line, the pshuta extended and going under line. Accordingly we may suggest that a pshuta that doesn’t extend under the line is pasul because of shinuy tzuras ha'os – it isn't the correct letter, examples: A kaf pshuta in lin…