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2 Sheilot

These are both mezuzot I've recently received for checking.
1) In the first picture, the lamed is very small. In this case it is kosher, but my question is if the yerech and guf were shorter, say just over a kulmus long, what would the psak be? The poskim warn about making the tag of the yud long so as not to make it a mini lamed, but I learnt in shimush that it's only a lamed is the guf and yerech are longer that the dimensions of a yud (i.e. 2 or more kulmusim) even if the tag is long.

2) In the second picture, the regel pnimi in the hey of vehaya is extremely pulled to the right. I know that generally lemaase if the regel is mashuch to the right it's bediavad ok if the gag is long enough to be noticeable as a hey. In this case it's mamash to the extreme, and looks like it's a gimel with a long rosh. I should point out, if it's unclear from the phtoto, that the regel is nottouching the right regel at all - but the separation is a hairline! Sheilat tinok?

3 shailyos

Sheila for R" MosheIn the chuf of Bichol it has a semi square moshav, what do you say? In the second picture (of the same mezuza) you can also see a chuf with a flat line on the moshav does this make it considered squared on the bottom?

In the Yud of Eineichem the Kotz DRebeinu Tam is thick. Although I believe it can be fixed (since ikur tzuroso aleiha) what would be the best way to do so?