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What do you think on the letter tav of beisecha, can it be fixed through a tinok?
I know it is difficult to judge nifsakim by pictures, but I can notice a nifsak as I look at it from around 3 feet without difficulty. (Although I must note, that it will greatly differ based on the lighting).

Question and Havchonos Tinok topic

1) In 39:10 concerning someone who puts on Tefillin only LePrakim they need to have their Tefillin checked twice in a Shmita. The Rema adds if no one is not able to check them one should still don them. The Mishna Berura questions whether one could recite a Blessing on them and concludes with a Tzarich Iyun. Lemasah what is the conduct in this case, this is a very frequent problem that someone got a pair of Tefillin from a relative (therefore it would be considered manichim leprakim) or a pair of Tefillin for Mivtzaim etc.. if they were not checked within 3 and a half years should a bracha be made over them?
2) On a Shaylos Tinok, when the ois hamasupak is next to another identical letter either in the same word etc.. If by covering or revealing the identical letter next to it could help the tinok (mitchakem) to either call it, possibly to be lehachmir or lehakal. Should such letters be covered or not? I have not found this exact question discussed openly in Sefarim. Although I think