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3 shailos fro reb moshe:

1) The lamed going into the reish. do i need to show a tinuk and can i show him from this picture as I no longer have the original. I think the picture is extremely accurate.

2) I have a cheap mezuzah where sometimes the sofer does not make the mem properly , its flat on the top so I add ink (you can see the rapidograph ink here ontop of the normal ink). If I made this tikkun and accidently forgot to say "leshaim", is it kosher? It wasnt a nifsak, but on the other hand it's an integral part of the ois.
3) I received this shayla by email.  does this room require a mezuzah only on the main archway, or also on the two sides?

vuv with a non clear rosh

Take a look at the 2 vuvs in the picture, are they kosher ? if not can they be fixed?