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Retzua shiur Kisora

I was asked today on a Retzua which was very thin as it entered the knot (due to curling). Without re widening it to its natural size it is under 9 mm (the minimum size which is kosher according to R Chaim Noah). I believe R Chaim Noah is machmir even bedieved on pochus msiora for a knot (some poskim are meikel on the yud of the knot). Is there any aitza for this or it should be cut out? Also bedieved one who davened with such a retzua do they need to put on Tefillin again?

special letters

Has anyone heard of a nun hafucha in the word choron in the end of noach. I know rashi discusses it but is it done in sifrei torah? Is there a sefer or a list of the special large letters and dots etc that we are nohag today to do in a sefer torah? Ari, you mentioned last time you had a sefer that brings down these things. what is the name of the sefer? do you happen to have such a list or could you post it on the forum? thanks