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Shaylas Tinok – samech/mem stuma

In the word ואספת the samech is square on the right side, and looks like a [final] mem. Is this a shaylas tinok?  Another problem is - if I show the whole word to a tinok, he might decide it’s a samech, because he knows that a final mem will never occur in the middle of the word, and not because the tzura is more a samech in his eyes. Or maybe I should cover the rest of the word, and show the tinok only the samech.
[this same question would arise for example, in a case of a zayin a bit longer than its shiyur standing in the middle of a word]
This samech - on the right side looks like mem stuma, and on the left side looks like a samech. The Mikdash M'at (mem stuma) quotes Shut Darcei Noam that in this case a tinok is not acceptable to resolve the issue, since we are in doubt as to which side (right or left) of the letter he emphasizes, so therefore this shape should be pasul both for a samech or a mem (since we have a doubt that cannot be solved). But all acharonim disagree (see Biur…