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Left foot of gimel

In this gimel the left foot is totally connected to the guf.Question: Does the law of yud of the alef shin ayin etc. that are touching the body of the ois, straight without a connecting oketz (SA 32:18), apply in gimel?Note MS ois gimel  אם נדבק הירך בהרגל יגרור הירך ודי בכך(if the left foot is stuck to the right foot ..) – this can mean pic.1 because it is [like a] nun, or also pic. 2? pic. 1  pic. 2Biur Hasofer p. 44 (ד"ה וירך) quotes Mikdash M'at that says this is [pic. 2] pasul, and Biur Hasofer argues. I personaly think the MM's opinion is solid and correct (see oisiyos harav p. 89, par. יב).It is accepted here in Eretz Yisrael that there is a sfardi gimel that is written m'lachatchila as pic.2, it is locali called "gimel Bagdadi" (the gimel that Iraqi/Bagdad sofrim were custom to write), this is noted in Biur Hasofer ibid. in the name of Da'as Kdoshim – that this gimel is csav velish. [Old csav velish, but today all sofrim sfardim don’t write the…

A few shaylos on Tzuras HaOisiois

A few questions1)I think the י of Bneichem is Kosher however it needs a kotz Drebeinu Tam?correct?
2) The י of Vinasati is without a body, is this allowed to be fixed or not (moiel shalios tinok)?

3) The נ of Nafshechem is a little wide, fixable or not?
4)In this picture the rosh of the נ is pretty wide, is this a Shinui Tzura? it surpasses the moshav on both ends. (The Mikdash Maat speaks of when the moshav is shorter than the rosh it looks like an upside down Nun).