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Nun similar to a bet in ktav Rashi

There are kosher nunim from vatikin sofrim whose regel doesn't achieve the moshav straightly rightwards, whereas there are posul nunim with a broken regel. This one could apply to the description of the kosher ones. But it doesn't seem to me a nun and "my" tinok said he doesn't know what it is. Is it kosher? Yossef Moshe, Rio - Brazil.

Shiyur Moshav of the lamed

The MB 32:42 quotes the Pri Megadim that the law of shiyur Mlo Ois Ketana is applicable to other letters also [although this shiyur was mentioned in gemara and SA in regard to hai, the hai is only an example] as dalet, lamed, pei pshuta, zadi pshuta, kuf, reish, tav, or ches [the MB explains: l'ch'ora the PM meant either right or left foot of the ches] if a shiyur in the length of the foot as a yud [MOK] was left, it is acceptable. [till here the quote from PM. The MB Continues:] ועיין לקמן see in siman 36 in the laws of zuras haosiyos [the elaboration of Mishnat Sofrim on the PM's words] in letters lamed, pei pshuta, zadi pshuta, kuf, and tav.I find the words of the MB very deep and important l'hallacha, and although quite arguable, when studying what the MB is teaching, we may appreciate his logic.All that I'm writing in this post, is explaining my understanding of the MB's shita, only. I am not regarding if this opinion is accepted/argued by other Poskim.The…