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Heiim with wide left regel

Are those yellowed-signed heiim - and therefore the whole mezuzah - kosher? As far as I could understand, Mikdash Meat and Otiot Harav consider posul due to shinui tsurah when the left regel of a hei is wide as a moshav, instead of being a iud-like point. It should also be thinner than the area of blank klaf (haparuts merube). In some hexagonned-signalled above, the paruts could be most of the area, but still the left regel seems to be a moshav. And what should then be the border between a moshav and a point, 1k(one ovi-kulmus)?

Shiyur Moshav of the lamed #2

The reason that mlo ois ketana is the minimum measure for the foot of the hai, is because the yud is the smallest letter. IE the smallest considerable piece in the script. Therefore, the basic pieces of a letter [for ex. a hai has 3 pieces, gag & 2 feet] their minimum measure that is accepted, is the minimal letter of yud. This keeps the basic structure of all the letters/script in a unified size. We find the use of the yud also a measure for the separation of words from each other, that l'chatchila they should be seperated the size of a ois ketana which is the yud (MB 32:143). And even for bdieved this measure is used, for measuring the separation of one parsha from another parsha = 9 oisios, the minimal ois being a yud. So the shiur [of revach parsha ] is 9 yudim. The chidush is, that we see Chazal used the shiyur yud also to the width, not only to the length as in the foot of hai. The basic unit of measure for script in stam, is a yud.   Now o

More Nun's with wider heads than the moshav

B"H Sheila to R' Moshe, These are 2 more examples of wide Roshei Nunim. I believe the first picture is kosher, while the second one is a less clear to me (although smaller of a rosh than in the previous post of mine which was posul), what do you think? I think it is important to stress that just like the nun in the previous post " A few shaylos on Tzuros Haosios " that was Posul shelo kisidran. And the second picture in this one (which is in question to me) is clear that the extra wider head was done afterwards by rapidiograph (seemingly to make it big enough to amply place the tagim), it is a big problem which should be of special attention to magihim and sofrim.