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Mezzuza afixing

B"H2 questions on fixing a mezuza: I am wondering what is the custom concerning placing a Mezuza on a gate (or door etc..) when it is placed on the outside of the door and not within the Oivei Hapesach (since it is very thin). The Pischei Teshuva in Yoreh Deah 290:10 writes that the bottom of the mezzuza should be alachson pointed towards the door while the outer part should be going pointed away from the door. Is this the accepted practice, I have seen by many that in this case the exact opposite, (i.e. the top is pointed towards the door and the bottom pointing away from the door)?
2) In a bedroom (which has windows) and the only door the heker tzir opens out from the room. Should the mezuza be placed as walking into the room (against the heker tzir) or following the heker tzir (from the inside of the room going out)? Possibly in this case minhag chabad is to follow heker tzir, while others go by the conventional way to enter the room from the outside?
If a Rabbi (non Sofer/ Ma…

If it's too good to be true, it usually is.....

I recently saw an article where mishmeres stam exposed a sofer who was selling magnificently written ksav velish mezuzos, parshiyos and sifrei torah (see pic). However the sofer was using a dubious technique - he was printing on the klaf with a machine, and then writing over it. While ksav al gabei ksav is common in Sifrei torah, esp. refurbished ones, and presents no Halachic problems, the issue here was that the first ksav underneath was computer generated and printed, not hand written. Rav Elyashiv Sh' and others ruled the sefer should go to genizah.
If you look at the second picture, you can see and example of  the way he was caught out. The printed ksav underneath was not always perfectly covered by the new ink. This led to "double edges" and edges that were a different shade and texture, which was a giveaway, particularly when examined closely with a magnifier.

I once had a discussion with a prominent rav as to whether you could use a stencil when writing stam. Bes…

rosh hafuch by a nun and a bow gimel

2 sheilas

In the first picture the gimmel of Diganechaproblems 1) it is connected high near the rosh? (although in this case may be still kosher) and 2) the two feet are like a bow (although again in this case I think it is kosher), correct?

the head of the nun nun is primarily going to the right (with a tad to the left). Since the Tagim are on the right side specifically it makes it look even more like a nun hafucha (which is a chashash pasul?) What do you say?