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The moshav of tes and other letters

What is the law in regard to this tes? Is this a moshav, or that a tes doesn't need a moshav? Or is it pasul? This question relates to other letters that have a moshav; lamed, kuf, mem psucha, samech. Another problem is in regard to shin, the shin has a moshav that is sharp not wide (as written in BY), what about a shin [like this] that has 3 lines connected to the bottom point but there seems to be no moshav?

In many Sfardi scripts it is common to see samechs, that are triangle at their bottom [sharper than the picture given] the lamed and kuf are without a moshav. But maybe for ashkenazic script this isn't accepted?
[the second picture is a mixup of different csavim, but at least shows a sfardi kuf - without a moshav]
The Mishnat Sofrim [see Biur Hallacha in each of the letters] lamed, kuf clearly holds that they must have a moshav, if not are pasul. The Mikdash M'at on lamed agrees to the MS that a lamed lacking a moshav is pasul (it seems that he disagrees on the kuf).…