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How do you define "Top Quality ksav"????

One of the challenges I have as a vendor of Sta"m is when people come to me saying they want to buy a product that is "Top Quality". I am always very careful to say it as it is, and before any sale I always make sure people understand what they are getting, even if it is not warranted. For example even if I am selling something from one of my better sofrim (but not the absolute best) , I will say " even though it is mehudar and you are getting a good price, it still isn't top quality". I feel the need to emphasize this primarily because I know that there is a good probability that within a few years another sofer/magiha will be looking at the product, and judging it, and if I somehow gave the impression that it is better than it is, it would end up reflecting badly on me. And I know plenty of sochrim who have received bad reputations for "overselling".
The problem is what happens when someone comes along and says he wants "the best" or …