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Extended heads of the letters shatnez getz

What is the law in regard to the heads of zayin or nun that are extended? [The pictures are edited, and may be exagerated in order to emphasis the problem]
MS (ois nun) writes: one should be careful not to extend the head of the nun, because it resembles a beis. It seems he is saying so, even if the moshav is short, still an extended head resembles partialy a beis. This follows what the MB 36:3 writes that there are opinions that changing a letter so part of it resembles a different letter is pasul, but the MB there concludes this isn't pasul. So we may understand here the same, that lachatchila this should not be done, bdieved it is not pasul. The Mikdash M'at (nun:5, in name of Da'as Kedoshim) questions maybe an extended head and short moshav is pasul, because it looks like an upside down nun. (this reason is questionable, why can't a tinok be asked?) And indeed in Shavet Halevi vol 5:6 writes that if the head is 3k wide it is pasul, either because of resembling a beis o…