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My response to Aaron's post

The yud in yisroel is the yud in question. As it is, this image is substantially larger than real life. If you stand back about a meter from your screen it will be similar to what it would be like looking closely in real size. As it is- in real life, it looks like a yud with a small blita on the regel which would probably best be fixed by adding ink to the right side of the rosh with a rapeatograph. I would not even classify it as a shaalos tinuk.

Sure, if you blow it up several thousand percent and rotate it, and isolate it / crop it, and show it to a child on its own, you will confuse him good and proper. But as Reb Moshe says, I don't think  you are obligated to do that.

What letter is this?

What letter is this? If you say Beis then what does this mean about Mezuzah #1 from this post. What I did here is isolated the yud from that picture and rotated it a bit.
What I remember learning is that if a letter looks like any other letter, even rotated, upside down etc it is a shinuy tzurah. It seems pretty clear to me that this letter, when rotated is a beis not a yud.
Rav Weiner, in the comments you mentioned that the extra part could be scraped away. I have two questions:
1. Shouldn't you cover the letters around it (since its small size might mislead the tinok) and show it to a tinok?
2. If you are machshir this Yud wouldn't it be better to add ink instead of scraping so at least it's not a safek of Chok Tochos, since Shelo Kesidran is derabanan. Shouldn't we treat this like the case of a square Chaf Sofis which is brought in the teshuvah of the Tzemach Tzedek?

hefsek in tefilin

I permitted to fix this nifsak in tefilin.