פורום בינלאומי לנושא סת"ם

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Very apt. comment

Beis Hastam said...
I would like to take the oppurtunity to vent my frustration here in this blog.It should be posted all over "if you cannot afford mehudar tefilin do not purchase ksav alter rebbe". I go through this nonsense on a daily basis the satmara need mezuzos bli bchiros, the lubavitchers need alter rebbe and the litvaks need avodas yad , however 120$ for a mezuza is outrageous in their opinion.There are so many am haratzim out there that think tefilin or mezuzos are a commodity -the worst of all are the judaica stores where the an haaretz salesman with a long beard sells the unknowing jew the mezuzos that match his chasidus.I refuse to sell any chumros on a mezuza thats less then mehudar.please chevra lets here your horor stories