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Some shailos:

In the top two pictures the rosh of the nun is very thick, you get only approx 2 roshim in the regel, would this passel the letter and render it a big zayin?

In this tzadik pshutah i was adding ink with the rapeatograph to give it a better tzura however i went out too much and created essentially an os chalullah. the 2nd line however was done in one movement.


READING REB MOISHES COMMENT THAT THE METAYEG BOTCHED UP"AS USUSAL"I would like to hear the worldwide sofrim's opinion on the following: 1)if the metayeg does not have ksav kabala would you sell it? 2)can you be sure all tagim on shaimos were done leshem kedushas hashem 3)now that there is kosher ink for rapidographs are you comfortable with metayeg using dyo min hashuk especially since many times he covers the original rosh. 4)when thick "beautiful tagim with ziyun are made is there shinui tzura after first tag(on nun) 5)very often the metayag widens the gag or "fixes" the original letter.
My conclusuion is on inexpensive mezuzos to have the sofer make the tagim even if they will not have ziyun better then falling into above problems. In the case i must use a metayeg i have the sofer do bedek chaya (along with kav haschala no ziyun)and the metayeg shall do shatnez getz with dio lanetzach so we do not have shaimos prob

Nun and Zaiyin

The head of the nun is unbalanced, should it be fixed with hosafas dio on the bottom right part of it or shav vial taseh adif? (maybe it would make it too wide?)

The Nun in the second picture is moiel havchanos tinok?

In this third picture is the second zayin of Mezuzas moiel havchanos tinok, (Some say that 3 and a half kolmosim is a kosher nun sofit at least bidieved).