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In continuation to Beis Hastam's post - I hope he will follow up, there are very many problems with cheap mezuzos/parshiyos, one of them that the sofer doesn't waste his time doing the tagim [IE doing Hashems mitzva!] he gives it to a metayeg (another person that only adds the tagim. Sometimes "metayeg" is a cover-up for the sofer himself. First he writes the mezuzos and after finishing many, before he releases them to the socher, sits quickly to metayeg them). This metayeg [usualy] doesn't have a csav kabala, didn't learn or know the laws of stam. NOTHING!! There are many cheap sofrim that give parshiyos, or sefer tora to metaygim - this causes that many letters are left without tagim. Here is a common problem the metayeg causes without even understanding what he is doing!!?? I have added lower a more accurate picture of the zayin in mezuzuot. The metayeg adding tagim blotched up! added a whole head to the zayin causing the zayin's head to be more