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mezuza psula

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When I saw this mezuza, I knew immediatly that it is pasul. No normal sofer writes the [left] regel of the hai such!
Obviously the sofer?? didn't learn how to write!!


This is a mezuza [click on it to enlarge] I have pointed out some of the classical work of MR Metayeg!
I don't know in this mezuza if MR Metayeg is a second person, or the sofer himself [which in the latter case will be honourably classified himself as a metayeg].
Notice what happened to the shinim at the bottom right! I don't know if these additions where added shlo csidran, overwriting the original shin, making panim chadashos, or not?
In a usual case we would rely on chezkas kashrus of the sofer that he didn't do a psul. Can I apply that chazaka to this case????
The vav of ועל נפשכם is also problematic, a shayla of yud?