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Ktav Russi/Alter Rebbe?

I'm wondering if anyone can explain what exactly is "ktav Russi". Apparently, it looks like Alter Rebbe in every way, but for some reason is not..? It is sometimes referred to as "Russian Arizal"

problems in hay, reish

The hay is problematic. 1) this may be a shinuy tzura. 2) where do I measure the shiyur MOK of the foot. I suggest where I added the red line (notice that the hay is a bit on a slant, my line is straight).
The same problem for this reish, in regard to where do we start the measure of MOK. BTW this reish is somewhat acceptable - last week I had a reish that was much worse (and this isn't the first time I see these things in reish) [I coudn't recive a scan to show on the forum] the basic feature was a slanted line, that left no real gag [maybe there was half a kulmus stright before descending on a slant] and a tiny foot protruding downward.

zayinim psulim

An old parsha - the zayins encircled, are pasul. [click to enlarge]
Notice also the tavs right foot bent backward, we spoke about this in one of the earlier posts.

Why is there no hechsher on stam?

Following Bais Hastam's post, why can't there be a hechsher on stam ie people get accustomed to buying only with hechsher, just like food, that will remove the negative elements and fraudsters

As far as I know at the moment tghere is only landau and that is not very big

Minimum challal of letters

Elad pointed out a question that the challal of the mem is a problem. Indeed I think that if the majority of the challal of a mem or samech are blocked by ink, they are pasul as a shinuy tzura. We find in Alfa Beisa that lechatchila the challal of the beis should be wide [hight] 1k, but doesn’t explain bdieved the minimum a challal may be. The Maharsham (vol. 7:112, 115) asked on a caf that its challal was very thin as a crack, he paskened that its kosher, since no shiyur in the letters challal are m'akev bdieved. I understand that the Maharsham would machshir also if the majority of the length [right-left] also was blocked [illustration 1], as long as this doesn’t constitute a shinuy zura.

But, see yalkut hasofer p. 65 pic. 127, in name of Me'asef l'chol Hamachanos that the caf that its challal was thin as crack is pasul. I would think that the mem must have a full kulmus length of challal horizontal, less than 1k I doubt its kosher [illustration 3]. Also if it has a 1ku…