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Is the Alef of Acheirim missing the Regel of the Yud Ha'elyonah? Is it allowed to be fixed?

dalet or reish??

Are these dalet or reish??? Also the beis of v'avadtem?? I cut out these words from the mezuza psula that I posted last week.

beis - caf

Is this beis [be'eto] kosher? Is this caf [artzechem] kosher?

Worksheet for STAM Buyers

I’m in the middle of writing a series of educational posts about purchasing STAM on my own blog — trying to give potential STAM buyers as much information as possible so that they can be educated consumers, while at the same time not overloading them with too many extraneous details. The series isn’t done yet, but based on what I have so far I’ve developed a “worksheet” for people to use to evaluate the merits and weaknesses of STAM from different sources. Ideally, the worksheet is a supplement to the blog, but it should be able to stand on its own as well. I believe the worksheet is ready to release into the wild, but it would be helpful to have input from other STAM professionals first. Please take a look and comment on this post if you feel there is anything missing or extra that takes away from the effectiveness of the worksheet as an educational tool. The worksheet is free of charge for anyone to download, copy, and distribute without modification, subject to a Creative Comm

Name and Shame website

I think there is a need for a website that names resellers and retailers of fraudulent mezuzos. Perhaps or the like. If these guys won't listen to reason or halacha, perhaps if their businesses are threatened they may come to their senses.