פורום בינלאומי לנושא סת"ם

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

3 questions in regard to retzuos

Yehoshua, [shaylos for tommorow] Please ask Rabbi Shammai:

A.  What is the law bdieved if the black paint of the retzua peeled off in some place. Is it kosher if the majority was left black, or the shiyur rochav of the retzua must be totally black, so if the width is less than the shiyur although the majority of the width is still black it is pasul, even bdieved.

B. The Mishna Brura [27:42] וצריך ליזהר מאוד where the retzua is bent because of the kesher…
Does this mean that it was bent and stretched permanently because of the kesher and therefore lost its minimum width, but the MB is not concerned about the width at the time a person puts them on since the retzua actualy has a shiyur – it is just that because he is tying the tefilin on, the retzuos are bent temporarily, so the shiyur is considered complete and intact. Or the MB means even if it is bent only at the time a person puts them on, he is not yotze yday chova?
And what is Rabbi Shammai's opinion l'hallacha on this issue?

C. SA Orach Chayim 27:8 the minimum length of retzua shel yad - so it can be wound around the arm … and can pull the retzua to the finger and wind 3 crichos veyikshor.
Is this the minimum shiyur only, but l'mayse when he puts on tefilin he can do the crichos on the arm normaly till where ever the retzua finishes even if it doesn't get that far as the finger? Or this is not only a requirement of the shiyur, but also that these crichos must be done lemayse? Is this meakev in hanachas tefilin [saying that one that didn't do the 3 crichos on his finger was not yotze yday chova]?
[Obviously everybody can comment etc.]

Thanks, I appreciate your shu"t very much!