Gartel during Sta"m

I see that chassidim are makpid to wear a gartel during a siyum sefer torah. The Natei Gavriel (Hachnosos Sefer Torah)p. 111 writes this practice sorcing it from Shabbos 10,a and Shulchan Aruch 91:2.

My question is would it not also be fitting to wear a gartel anytime writing or even doing hagah when fixing, according to this.
I remember one Sofer that would always wear a gartel when writing, but I do not think this is the main spread custom. You might be able to differentiate between concluding a Sefer Torah which is a special occasion as similar to wearing a gartel during special kibudim during a bris etc...
What are your thoughts?


  1. Some do wear a gartel all day (under the shirt, over the tzitzit) and I heard of some who wear a hat (double covering etc) when they are writing... I also seen (and as I was taught) to not wear a gartel during the siyum, but to wear only a kapoteh... I guess everyone has their own minhag

  2. Seemingly dependent on minhag and what one would consider a hiddur in "yiras shamayaim" or kavod for HaShem b'shas casiva. I went to speak to a sofer one day in the room he writes in I walked in and saw he was wearing 2 yarmulkes. I saw others also doing this. How widespread is this custom?

  3. This is a chabad custom, the second yarmulka is as a hat.

  4. R" Moshe what is the chabad custom, wearing an external gartel or not? Also during hagah?
    A jacket?
    2 head coverings?

  5. I don't think there is an official chabad custom, but I saw several serios chabad sofrim that wear 2 cisuyim [2 cipas, or a hat above] and wear a gartel. But [in the summer] don't wear a jacket.
    I only saw sofrim as they wrote, in hagaha [you meant doing tikunim, I never had a opportunity to see.

  6. CHEVRA:dont get carried away by customs everybody needs to do what gives him a kedushadige gefil or whats written in shulchan aruch.The 2 kipah is very widespread and it brings yiras shamayim(i know sofrim that order the seret viznitz kipa-which has abody ,similar to the kipah reb moshe wore.
    There is a nice letter printed in the back of noam elimelech where a chasid wrote to reb elazar asking about his fathers customs ,Reb elazar writes back very sharply that copying customs is shtus.


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