a hole in the ches

This hole occured after the csiva. I think the ches is kosher, since it is still all one piece and has not lost its tzuras ois.


  1. Is there anyway you could post this without the red arrow (or perhaps that's how you received the picture?)

  2. Agreed. Should you put a matlis on back to stop it getting worse? if yes, does a future magiha have a chiyyuv to take off the matlis to make sure nothing fishy has occurred?

  3. I would recommend putting a matlis to strengthen so that it doesn't tear further.
    The second question ...???

    BTW in reality it looks much worse than the photo.

  4. if you put a matlis make sure to tell the owner and keep a record for yourself.

  5. There seems to be mukaf gvil, but doesn't the fact that there is a hole make it less mehudar? since this is clearly a niceish Alter Rebbe, then the client should be told, no?

  6. The parsha is by the sofer, he never released it.


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