Mezuza affixing

I do not think that these entrances need mezuzahs since they do not have any protruding like lentils (perhaps the one with a gate would need since it is considered a door). I think there are more stricter opinions in this as well.

Gut Shabbos


  1. Dovid,
    Is the one with the gate is only a garage, or there is a entrance from that garage further into the house?
    The third arrow [the one closest to the viewer] I can't doscern from the picture - what is there?
    Please add details, thanks

  2. Someone sent me this picture in an email (I am not sure on the third arrow, what is behind it). I do know that this garage is connected to the house.

  3. If the garage has a connection to house, even a back door you should recommend putting a mezuza on the one that has a gate, without a bracha.

  4. I understand from your question that the left entrance continues to the house?!
    then it is cday to put one on that entrance also.
    I am writing cday because there are several reasons to poiter, but still a yray shamayim should put a mezuza to these entrances since they lead to the house.
    I hope I am not missing any important details on this picture, it is difficult to receive an accurate picture from the photo what exactly is the difference between the wall that combines the 1st [gate] and the second entrance.

  5. The second gate does enter the house. So since this leads into the house there is room to be machmir and place a mezuza on it.

  6. At a closer look of the third arrow it seems to be another sort of "arch-way" similar to the other arrows, you can see how it is rounded at the top. However what's behind that archway (i.e. where does it go to. Further in to the house?)


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