Is small fay kosher for yud

often we tend to decide if a letter is kosher based on the surrounding letters.
I am also posting an image with part of the mezuza


  1. I know that there are those choshesh with this type of yud and I have seen cases that were possul

  2. same as vav with fat head is considered yud rabasi we cans say this is fay zeira. however since at first glance you recognize as a yud maybe viewing from close does not count although its shaped as fay.

  3. there is merit to both arguements, however more likely the psak is it's a shaylas tinok. yeshoshua, what does Rav Shammai Gross say?

    I think if you showed it to a tinuk he would read it as a yud unless he sees it through a microscope

  4. I have gotten shailos which possibly would be taken as a yud however, were considered posul since they were called a chuf katana.

    Is there a thumb of rule to define when it can be shailos tinok and when it is posul through a Rav?

  5. R' Shammai is unfortunately away now until next Thursday (won't be able to speak then until Friday/Shabbos/Sunday ... depending on how things work out.) I will for sure bring him the shailo at some point.

    More to come B"H...

  6. I asked R' Shammai. He said the letters before should be covered and the Yud itself should be shown to a tinnok. He pointed out that the Nun is also questionable (before noticing the Yud he thought that's what I was coming to ask.) However he said the Nun is kosher without a shailos tinnok.


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