problem in reish

Is this reish kosher/shaylas tinok/pasul???


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  2. Normally the sharp zavios here would turn the reish into a kosher Daled, however since it starts to curves (roundish) before the protruding blita...
    It does not give a resemblance of an eikev. Therefore I would think that a tinok could help.(Possibly kosher even without a tinok).
    See also SA HaRav 36 ois reish "shelo Tidamah letinok..." {(Seemingly the Rav is more lenient with relying on a tinok in sfekois on reish (on roundish/squarenes shailos) than the Mishnas Sofrim 36, as implied by the lashon on ois reish )}
    Lo basi ela lehaeir.

  3. I would cover the pai when asking a tinok, since the other letter [pai] takes away from the tinok's awareness.

  4. R' Shammai Gross said it's a shailos tinok.

  5. Reb Moishe why would you cover the pey?
    since the pey was there before the reish why cant we leave it uncovered?

  6. I think the pai {may} distracts the correct focus of a tinok on this specific shayla on dalet.
    The zavis projecting, is more obvious [and me'maila more accurate havchana of the tinok] when the pai is covered. The pai doesn't present at all any addition to the shayla, only distraction - thats why I think it should be covered.


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