A Question about shem

A question that arose in my thought:
What is the hallacha if a sofer had a mistake in shem that was pasul, but forbidden to erase, he didn't ask and erased the shem b'isur and rewrote the shem kodesh in place of the first one. Is this shem kosher and permitted to maintain bdieved, or must be fixed [probably by kiluf]?
See teshuvas R"Y ben Ha'Rosh quoted by BY end of YD Siman 276, that it would have been preferable to goinez the whole yriya and not cut out the shem - mashma after the fact that they did cut out the shem it isn't pasul - But the R"Y concludes since a sin was done [in regard to erasing the shem] it is best to change the yeriya. See also Shu"t Chatam Sofer YD simanim 264, 279.


  1. Thank you reb moishe.
    I will take this opportunity to publicize a story that happened to a sefer i sold.
    2 years after i sold a 40,000 $ sefer torah the shul came to me with a complaint that the sofer erased shem hashem. I looked at the area and saw that 4 lines were erased including shem hashem.what happened was the shem was niklaf as were the rest of the lines and the tanic acid reemerged 2 years later and the original letters were vi-sable,I sent the yeria to the beis din of harav wosner and they were not able to agree if there is mamash in the yellowish shadow (the question was if it is kosher as is and or if it may be erased,needless to say i changed the yeria.

  2. When I asked R' Shammai this shailo he quoted me the R"Y ben HaRosh that is machmir then said however that l'maseh we are makil if the sofer had erased the shem and re-wrote it (he didn't quote any source for the makil shita.)


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