What is the din in this parshiya? The person told me he "had it checked before and it was kosher"... doesn't the spacing pasul the Tefillin though?


  1. Since there is 9 letters blank space (and here much more) it is posul. Hagos R" Akiva Eger(yoreh deah 275) allows to fix through placing holes in the empty space to make it not fit for writing on, therefore it would not be considered a shiyur parsha and would be kosher.
    Is there holes in the blank space (can not tell from the picture)?
    In any case some Rabbinical authorities do not use this heter lechatchila(R" Moshe wrote about this in an earlier post and mentioned that according to the S A HaRav it requires very visible holes, which are not done big enough most of the time).
    However I believe post facto i.e the holes were already made, all will rely on it at least bidieved.

  2. Thanks.
    There is no holes, they just erased the extra words I guess.
    In any case, it is pasul since I found a psul in a different parshiya...but thanks for the clarification


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