Shailo with Vav (Old post)

As I mentioned before I've started to bring the shailos found on the blog to R' Shammai Gross. Not only as shimush for myself but as well to benefit the olam here. I have gone through old posts and will select certain shailos to bring to R' Shammai then repost. Of course any new shailo I will try and bring as soon as possible and post with the psak.

The original post can be found here:

R' Shammai said the Vav is b'seder the way it is and dio may be added to fix it.


  1. does reb shammai feel that it will still be mehudar?

  2. Unfortunately I didn't ask that point. For the future I should be careful to remember to ask that point.

    Why wouldn't it be mahudar? (i.e. what's your sofek?)


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