Sirtutless tikun

It seems this sofer corrected the vav in'uvekumecha'(line 5), but he didn't make a second sirtut before writing the word again.
Mishnat Hasofer (3,21) writes about the machkloket on that (Bnei Yonah x Achronim).
If this mezuza can be kasher bediavad, I should anyway make the sirtut now. But the vav is upwards in relation to the sirtut level, and the sirtut could also take its rosh out by making some hefsek. What to do then?.


  1. I don't think the sirtut will cause that much damage to the vav, you can do a sirtut lightly you don't have to use something to sharp.
    If it will cause a slight nifsak, you can fix it afterwards.


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