A special yasherkoach to Yehoshuah

I am writing this post to personally thank Yehoshuah for his efforts and contributions to this forum. The idea behind this forum was to provide support to the many sofrim in chutz laaretz who don't have the support of fellow sofrim and Rabanei morei hoarah in their respective locations. While Rav Moshe Weiner has been a tremendous source of support and guidance to me over the years, and I'm sure the many readers of this forum appreciate his constant input, I really must also thank Yehoshuah for his time and effort in bringing the many shailos discussed on this forum to Rav Shammai Gross Shlitah who is a true posek hador and who's opinions are accepted universally throughout the Torah world. Yasherkoach and thank you!


  1. For me it's a pleasure and zechus to be able to speak to R' Shammai b'frat now in Hilchos STaM which I started learning around 4 months ago. So really the thank you and yasher koach is to the entire forum! The forum has given me a great opportunity to bring more shailos in STaM to my Rebbe, R' Shammai Gross as well as the opportunity to learn more in this inyun from the discussions here. Over the time I've spent making shimush by R' Shammai I've accumulated over 800 Teshuvas from him (From all over Orach Chaim and Yoreh Deah, a little in Evan Ezer and Choshen Mishpat as well). The % of those teshuvas that are in Hilchos STaM is Baruch HaShem growing a lot. It is from him that I had a chizzuk to learn this inyun after hearing from him many times that there are unfortunately a lack of Morei Horeh (even in Eretz Yisrael) that one can say are "mumchim b'STaM".

    Keep the interesting shailos coming!


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