Tes – a negiya between the heads

Shevet Halevi (vol. 5, siman 8:9) brings a machalokes between the Mikdash M'at that pasels a tes that there is such a negiya between the heads, because they have turned it into a samech (and a shaylas tinok isn't accepted here), and the Mishnat Sofrim that allows fixing (scraping the negiya). Shevet Halevi is machmir as Mikdash M'at on this issue.
But the Mishnat Hasofer (Yalkut and Biur p. 59) disagrees, and holds iykar as Mishnat Sofrim, that this isn't an automatic shinuy tzura, and in a questionable situation, a shaylas tinok is accepted.

See Biur Hallacha 32:18 that a mem psucha that the chartom is touching the moshav, even the slightest ngiya "c'chut hasara" is pasul.
What is the difference between the negiya of the mem, and the negiya of the tes?


  1. I think a mem which has a chut hasara closure resembles a mem sofrit much more than a tes which has a chut hasara closure to a samach.
    I did not see tha Shavet Halevy in Hebrew books.

  2. This particular page in Shevat HaLevi where the teshuva is found happens to be missing from Hebrew Books (not uncommon, happens from time to time with many seforim on their site ... even in Otzer HaChochma and they charge a lot of money!) In any case I once looked for it in the past and made a note by me that it's missing from their website (I think/hope I emailed the one who operates it, if not I'll do it again bli neder since the olam wants this teshuva!) In any case it's rather short and simple (if I remember correctly.) In regards to the halacha itself with the Tes and a negia, R' Shammai Gross is makil like the mishnas sofrim (of course only with a 'small' negia.)

    In regards to the chiluk, could be like David said since the tzurah takka could change more by a mem then with a tes (what would the tes look like?) I'm saying this agav, I want to think/look into more.

    One more halacha just to mention, I asked R' Shammai what would be the din if someone wrote a mem-pasucha at the end of a word but closed off the bottom...He said only if a tinnuk would read it and call it a "mem-stumah" would we be machshir it.

  3. Does the shevet halevi bring a picture? remember we could be talking about different thicknesses of negiyos

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  5. There is no picture in Shevet Halevi.
    In the hebrew forum I did discuss the possibility of different sizes of ngiya, and that maybe in a very slight ngiya k'chut hasara only, the shevet halevi will accept the visual shape seen and machshir


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