zayin with a questionable head

The zayin has a tag added to its left, do we consider this tag an extension of the gag, so if measured together would be a full dalet. Or since it is seperate as a thin line from the gag of the zayin, it can not be a dalet?
The difference is - if this is a kosher dalet then it is definitly pasul for a zayin!
If this is not kosher for a dalet, then as a zayin it is a questionable shinuy tzura - which is dealt as a shaylas tinok.
I think the latter position is true.


  1. I made a shaylas tinuk which was read as zayin

  2. I think your question is if having the thin line makes it a zayin lehalacha and a tinok will not help or since a tinok calls it a zayin it is not lehalacha a dalet.
    I would prove Reb Moishes opinion from the osios meshunos and lefufos, I.E. ches of vechara that the mekubalim make extensions and its kosher as long as no shinui tzure.
    i really would like to hear Reb Shamai's opinion on this.

  3. Can you post this without the red line?

  4. R' Shammai Gross said ask a tinnok. If they say it's zion erase the 3rd tag coming out from the left side. He said possible to write the tag on the bottom of the rosh of the zion (like is found is Tosfos Menachos 29b)


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