Alter Rebbe ktav?

I was recently given this Megillah to fix and was wondering about the ktav. To me, it looked like Alter Rebbe, but the person told me he asked a few sofrim who said this was Arizal... is this "ktav Rusi" or Alter Rebbe?


  1. This is alter rebbes csav, although not the finest.

  2. I see many halachic problems, I don't know what you would say to the owner of the megillah in terms of it's halachic status

  3. I think whoever was megiah this before me really messed up the Megillah (fyi, this is the scan before I fix it)
    there are a ton of tagin that are really long and some that are touching. He tried to do the "rainbow" tagin (start small on end letter and biggest in middle) but failed miserably.


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