Changing the term "Checking"

I am trying to change the term used for being magia STA"M from checking to Servicing, this would indicate that a sofer does more than just look it over, but is usually doing some hgaah as well.
What would be a good term to use in hebrew instead of Bedikah? 


  1. "Hagah" is the usual term it also denotes more than "looking" since it can involve fixes if necessary. (However not necessarily would a non religious Israeli understand what that word means).

  2. In modern Hebrew, "הגהה" is proofreading. That is as good a one-word description of what a magi'ah does as you're going to get.

  3. True, Hagah is the accurate word, however I was saying that many non religious Israelis have never heard of "Hagah" on mezuzah and Tefillin they are accustomed to the word "Bedikah"...


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