Eseres Bnei Haman

Who are those that speak about the issue that the names should be written straight and not one bolet to the left side.

The Minchas Yitzchak has a teshuva about this and writes that it's only a mitzvah min hamuvchar not like the Beis Shlomo that wanted to say that it's pasul even b'dieved. However tzrich iyun since if one looks into the 2 teshuvas from the Beis Shlomo that he brings down it seems to be talking about that the names of bnei haman and the "v'es" shouldn't be bolet to either side (meaning at the beginning or end.) However does not seem to speak about if the names themselves are not even. The shailo and what the Minchas Yitzchak is talking about is quite clear however I'd like to find others that speak about it. If anyone has any mareh makoms please comment, Thanks!

(The Teshuva of the Minchas Yitzchak can be found here:


  1. The Ran and Noda Biyuda also speak about this. I have posted the links in this here:

    I don't think its only for V'es; my understanding is that whoever is makpid on this is makpid on both columns.

    Gut voch

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  3. Thanks for commenting and pointing out the Noda B'Yehuda. However I'm bothered by one thing. Perhaps they mean to say that it should be even in the fact that the names have to *start* at the same point (i.e. they should be lined up starting on the right side.) But is this also discussing the point that the names should end at the same point? (In your case (YK) you made a post with your megillah and posted a picture where the names started at the beginning of the line however they didn't finish together. That is my sofek if anyone speaks about that. In the Minchas Yitzchak that is surely the shailo however he brings a re'ah from something that is perhaps only speaking about the fact that the names have to start at the same point.

  4. here is link to bach that "lichora" understands the yerushalmi that it should be straight all sides
    please review carefully and post how you understand bach
    However see see maishiv davar who agrees with yehoshua

    is there a way to upload image in comment?I would post "aseres mehudar" the way I request my sofrim to write it.

  5. Beis HaStam -

    Exactly what I was looking for (The Mashiv Davar) thank you!
    How did you get to this?

    See also the Ashel Avraham (Das Kedoshim) that he writes in OC Siman 691 that mitzvah min hamuvchar that the shemos should been even also.

  6. I came across it a while ago and saved a copy in my aseres bnei haman kit-remember the same mayshiv davar holds kav mashuch beshuva "is kosher without fixing"
    did you review the bach? how do you understand that aseres should not stick out-which way?


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