Megillah 11 lines

Is there a standard size for shura on a Megillah with 11 lines that is concedered THE MOST mehudar or beautiful?


  1. gilyon 2 etzba(4 cm r' chaim noe) on top 3 etzba(6cmr' chaim noe )on bottom according to keset= total 10 cm gilyon,now gilyon may not be more than the ksav-usually 10 mm lines*11 lines should do-however gilyon might be counted from end of most letters not fro end of sirtut therefore you may want to do 11 mm a line.
    to be more machmir you can use shiur chazon ish and-or not accept keset 2and 3 etzbaot rather do 3 and 4 etzbaot.
    biggest chumra will give you 7 etzba * 2.4 cm=16/8 cm not to have above safek of where gilyon starts you do 1.8 mm a line =total megila size is 36 cm.
    the klafmachers that leave less is because they go according to the shita that these shiurim are for sefer thats ama tall and as the sefer gets smaller the margins get smaller in proportion

    1. One question, when you say the end of most letters, are you referring to the lamed at the top and chaf sofis at the bottom?

  2. Beis Hastam, thank you so much for your response, never did I imagine to get such a detailed and helpful answer. Simply beautiful!


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