Megillah C'Sidran?

I don't know how this would be but someone told me tonight that the Kol Yaakov writes that there is a shita that holds a Megillah has to be written c'sidran. I looked through the sefer on Siman 691 but didn't find anything. I made a search on the sefer as well for the word "כסדרן" on Hebrew Books and nothing came up in that Siman. If anyone knows where this is or has any idea who else might bring it down, please share! Thanks!


  1. It is a mistake! There is written about a megila that was written shlo csidran, meaning not timewise, but megila starts page no.10,9,8 etc. [as the shlo ksidran in hanachas haparshiyos b'batim shel rosh].

  2. I have a related question. I once heard that we are not required to write Kesidran in Sefer Torah because of practical reasons but that it would be more desirable to try to write it Kesidran. For instance, avoid skipping the Sheimos for writing all together at a later time. Has anyone heard about this and if yes what's the source?
    Gut shabbos

  3. The Keset 10:13 writes that lechatchila one should write the Shem in order (this is based on the Zohar),however bidieved the keset allows if the Shem was not written in order.
    Ibid:18 concerning the importance of going to Mikveh before writing Shem. The Keset allows one to leave empty spaces and later write them after going to the mikveh, however to do it on the entire Sefer Torah, he writes one should not do it since the ktav will look menumar (spotted).


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