Nictav b'pasul

A "Tav" was written instead of a "Hei". The sofer before erasing the regel of the Taf put down something on the klaf to soak up the dio a little that it should be easier to erase. After doing so he saw that the "reish" part of the taf had also lost a bit of it's color and before erasing the regel re-wrote the reish part. Is this considered Nictav b'psul? Since that chelek was written b'kashrus, only the regel makes the ois pasul he only has to erase that. However now before erasing the regel he re-wrote the reish with the regel there in place. Maybe this is not called "Nictav b'psul"? There was seemingly enough dio still (and dark enough) that it would be considered Kosher. However maybe writing over it makes a problem now.

Any thoughts please share!


  1. In order to address this shaila we have to answer the following question:
    Halacha 1)If a droplet of ink fell on the parchment and the sofer added the kotzim to make it a yud it is kosher:(aside from shitas haradach -posul) beis yosef rema kosher m"b kosher since the letter was nigmar bekashrus (according to keses posul if 2 ksivos kosher).
    Halcha 2) mem that got closed up while writing and you removed the chaf part and rewrote it its posul (you must remove vav part and rewrite)
    Question:why does nigmar bekashrus not render it kosher?

    In other words why is nichtav bepsul worse than a fallen droplet of ink.
    Gidulei Hekdesh klal 5-5 explains that only a letter that was finished has a special din of nichtav bepsul.
    I still did not understand why erasing the full vav of mem shnistama is enough?I think the solution is that nichtav bepsul never effects parts that were written in another ksiva.
    accordingly in your shaila we do not have "nichtav bepsul" and we do not have chok tochos since nigmar bekashrus.
    I think that this clarifies the biur halacha 32-18 "yigror" (page 48).Who holds that if upper yud ha-alef touching the gag and you then wrote the bottom yud you do not need to erase bottom yud.
    HOWEVER BIUR HALACHA HOLDS-lechatchila be machmir


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