Some Shailos...

1)  I widened the gag of a chof pshutah (from the word lecha beow) to make it wider because there was more than 3 yudin between the words. Then , in order to make the chof pshutah more perfect, I attempted to thicken the regel with my rapidograph, only I started a bit too wide and ended up making a gap. see pic below. I am 99% certain that this would not be a shinuy tzurah in any way, however I wouldn't mind a second opinion before I fill it in and complete the tikun, which should look fine once it's complete

2) The vav from the word vechol above...

3) Finally, I have a house that has a very unique entrance way, when you walk down the walkway there are 3 metallic "archways" which are not there for support, but more for design. since it is in essence a mashkof and you walk through it, would they require a mezuzah? Its on the main walkway leading to the front door.


  1. 1) kosher.
    2) my opinion is that this vav is pasul. I guess other rabbis may/will say shaylas tinok. So you have the option to ask others, if you like.
    3) there is no chiyuv at all on these arches, they are not a pesach at all, but some kind of decoration only.

  2. Eli,
    BTW it is quite clear to me, that in lubavitch we are not makpid even lechatcila on 3 yudin spacing between words (this explains why this sofer left this spacing).
    The MB does mention this chumra lechatchila.

  3. I have discussed this with numerous rabbanim in Chabad, some who are makpid. The only reason why Chabad supposedly is not makpid is because it is not mentioned is the Alter Rebbe's shulchan Aruch. However there are many things not mentioned in the Alter rebbes SA which is discussed in big SA. So while it may be a grey area for Chabad, I choose to be makpid where possible in this instance. If it is easy to fix, I fix it. Having said that I would not make an issue with the owner of the tefillin if it was a Chabad person, but I may make an issue for a non-Chabad customer who wants everything mehudar. This is my personal shitah which I think makes sense.

  4. Eli, having seen the parsha that it is csav chabad, I thought that the sofer and the one putting it on, are lubavitchers.
    The reason I think we are not makpid at all on (RT's parsha stuma of) 3 yudin, is much more than because it is not mentioned in the Alter Rebbe's SA. Maybe later I will write a post explaining the issue, bezras hashem.
    Obviously if someone wants to be mehader, I have nothing against it.

  5. Eli, I wrote more on the second picture in my hebrew blog. If it may interest anyone
    פורום לנושאי סת"ם: בעיה עם ווי"ם ועוד

  6. The link is


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