To high for shlish haelyon, Heker tzir

Perhaps these issues where addressed already.
Is there some kind of consensus amongst Chabad rabonim in Eretz Yisroel about: a)How high is too high to put a mezuzah in shlish haelyon.
b) When the only entrance (or entrances) to a room w/o openable windows are against heker tzir, does one put mezuzah against heker tzir?


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    1. To clarify question a):
      When the pesach is very high and techilas shlish haelyon is to high the poskim say (according to a Mordechai I believe), that one should lower the mezuzah to kneged kseifo, the question is how high is too high!
      I remember seeing a deiah that only higher than 20 amos is too high!

    2. Tosfos Menuchos brings yerushalmi (food for thought-is bavli cholek on yerushalmi?)

    3. It seems most acharonim accept this yerushalmi as hallacha (included that the bavli doesn't negate this psak)

    4. see Pishe Shearim pages 208-9 collected all the deos speaking about this, including those that say "lmayle me'esrim amos".

    5. it seems that tosfos holds that yerushalmi is cholek on bavli

  2. I didnt look up in the books, but from what I see is commonly the minhag that higher then "cneged csefo" is considered to high - accordingly the mezuza is always at the hight of a regular persons [hight] head.
    In any case I dont know of any chabad special minhag or opinion in this issue.

    1. i think the eretz zvi (koziklover rav) discusses this if you have time to search and find please post.
      We can get in to reb yirmiya type chakira:
      what if part of the mezuza is not above head?
      if the baal habayis is tall:
      in the children rooms:?

  3. I will search in eretz hazvi.
    The other notes dont matter, we are talking of common hight of a regular grown-person.

  4. Beis Hastam Yishar coiach,
    IN Shu"t Eretz Hatzvi siman 90 writes: if the shlish haelyon is opposite ones mans head [he doesnt write this explicit but this is pashut there] we place the mezuza there [opposite a normal mans hight = probably his eyes] if the shlish haelyon is higher than that, we should place the mezuza against his shoulder.
    He writes clearly these measures are in regular persons hight.


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