ches with rosh missing on vov

Something like this. is it a shinu tzurah? can it be fixed in tefillin and mezuzos?

Yehoshua, can you please ask ravs shammai? conceptual only, I am not asking about this particular picture.mteh case is that there was a thick low chotteteres but no actaul rosh on 1st vav


  1. Hi Eli,
    Great question! It appears to me that in this case, the CHET is passul, and cannot be corrected in tefillin and mezuzot, for both components of the letter require a ROSH.

    Likewise, the chutra does not count as a GAG.

    If there was a BELITA (slight protrusion) on the right side, then we can be lenient and allow the fixing of the letter in both, tefillin and mezuzot.

  2. I recommend to see what I wrote Oct. 28 on this forum -
    Definition of ches - Rabenu Tam, especialy part c.

  3. For those interested here is the link to R' Moshe's article

    Eli -
    I drew a picture by me and will bli neder ask R' Shammai as soon as I can.

  4. I asked R' Shammai this morning. He said kosher and can fix it by adding some sort of rosh to the right side. (No Shailos tinnok required.)

  5. Rav Chaim Heimlich, the posek here AI normally ask also said it is OK to fix. He based it on rav Shtern's sefer mishnas hasofer omud 58 picture 100


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