Dio - Min hamuter b'ficha

I admit that I found a Rishon that clearly says - the dyo must be mutar bficha, as all the rabbis mentioned in the blog claimed.
The tshuva is from Rabbi Eliezer ben Natan from Lunel [ba'al sefer Hamanhig].
see in source:

ויראה הטעם מדכ' למען תהי' תורת ה' בפיך צריך שכל
עשיית התורה לשם ה׳ בין עשיית העורות בין הכתיבה .. וכתי


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  2. Are you sure that this pertains to the kashrus of the material or the need for lishma?

  3. It is quite clear in the teshuva. Why don't you open the source given and see yourself - He basicaly follows the first terutz of the Dvar Shmuel that stam yaynam in the ink is permitted because it is destroyed in becoming ink.

  4. "Why don't you open the source given and see yourself"

    I can only see the part that you quoted right now - only have access to the forum via my phone at the moment. Will take a look at full teshuva when I get to the office. Thanks!


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